Recap My Own Worst Enemy: Season 1, Episode 4 - That is Not My Son

Picking up in the train yard, Henry meets with who he thinks is an FBI agent. However, when he admits that Edward works for Janus, the agent pulls out a gun to shoot him. Before he can, Norah Skinner shoots the agent, saving Henry. Norah explains that Proctor wasn't an FBI agent, he was a "watcher"; part of the System Management group that Norah leads. System Management is Janus' internal police force.

Norah needs help disposing of Proctor's body, worried that no watcher has ever gone missing and Trumbull will be suspicious. Norah tells him that she is the only person he can trust. Edward wakes up at Henry's and heads into the kitchen, where he sees Angie.

Angie lets Henry (actually Edward) know that Mary thinks Tom is having an affair and has hired a private investigator to follow him. He immediately alerts Mavis of this development. When he calls in, Mavis tells Edward that Raymond is missing; he hasn't returned.

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