NCIS “Ships in the Night” Review

NCIS "Ships in the Night" Season 8 Episode 11 – Gibbs’ female doppelganger (aka Agent Abigail "Abby" Borin) is back and I think she and Gibbs make a great pair. Not necessarily a romantic pair, but a working pair. She comes off as very genuine and unlike Miss Hart from last year, she doesn’t annoy the crap out of me by calling Gibbs "Mr. Gibbs" instead of "Agent Gibbs." Don’t ask me why that drove me up the wall, but it really did.

I also like that, so far, they haven’t made any moves towards making this a romantic relationship and at this point, I kind of doubt that they will. Just the mere fact that her name is Abby probably precludes that. The other Abby is like a daughter to Gibbs, I can’t imagine he’d want to get romantically involved with another one. That sounds way too weird to me, but then again maybe I’m reading too much into it. Read More...


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