BONES “The Bullet in the Brain” Review

BONES "The Bullet in the Brain" Season 6 Episode 11 – Well it’s time to say so long to the Gravedigger storyline. It gave us a lot of great episodes but I loved that it ended by opening up a new storyline that could be even better. I had heard that the first scene of this episode was going to be something else and I’m here to tell you, that was no exaggeration. I had an actual physical reaction to the shooting; it was so brutal and shocking.

After that, it was nothing less than fascinating to watch Booth work this case. For all intents and purposes, Booth was basically chasing himself and getting to see him track down another sniper, a really good sniper, was awesome. I know this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Jake and I can’t wait to see where this story ends up. I’m kinda hoping it goes on through multiple seasons like the Gravedigger did, but I’ll be just as happy with a couple more episodes from it. Read More...


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