DETROIT 187 “Road to Nowhere” Episode 13

DETROIT 1-8-7 "Road to Nowhere" Episode 13 – My mood wasn’t at its best when I clicked on ABC five minutes prior to the start of Detroit 1-8-7 and was made to watch the last few minutes of what is possibly the network’s worst show, V. What a tragic waste of Morena Baccarin. (Firefly 4 life, yo.)

But the mood was lifted once Detroit 1-8-7 started rolling. Kick it off where the lead character is immediately accused of killing a well-respected man who had just received the key to the city. Add to that a mystery homicide in which a three people were murdered on a bus with no driver, no witnesses, and surrounded by a half-million dollars in loose bills scattered all around it. And jack THAT up by revealing the money had been on the bus for the sole purpose of paying off the ransom of a kidnapped seven-year old girl … and the clock is now ticking faster as (obviously) the kidnappers have yet to receive their payment …


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