BIG LOVE “The Oath” Review

BIG LOVE "The Oath" Season 5 Episode 4 – As the day of Bill’s swearing in as a senator draws closer, more secrets and revelations surface. As much as Bill wants the family to have moved past Margene’s bombshell revelation that she was only 16 when they married, even he is not capable of what he asks others to do. Apparently, Bill cannot even look Margene in the eye when they are having sex or a conversation. Yet, in typical Bill fashion, he expects the rest of the family to pull it together and move forward. Even as Bill declares that the family is not falling apart or fracturing on the "eve of their greatest triumph", it really is.

Everyone thinks there were ulterior motives for the marriage of Bill and Margene. Nicki thinks Margene was just looking to be adopted and slutted it up with any man until she got a taker. Don thinks Bill overlooked what he may have suspected about Margene due to his obsession with her. Don also remarks that the obsession had little to do with Margene’s intellect. Barb thinks that Bill’s animalistic urges took over and that she overlooked the possiblity because she needed Margene. Barb drops her own bombshell when she tells the wives that she was lonely and felt isolated when the marriage consisted of only she and Nicki. Barb needed Margene in the family as much as Margene needed to be in the family. Naturally that does not sit well with Nicki. Nicki has never been known to be able to see how cold and closed off she can be. The one thing she always had was the knowledge that she got Barb through a rough time and was Barb’s strength. With that one comment, Barb has taken that away from her. Read More...


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