The Good Wife 2.13 "Real Deal" Review - Shades of Erin Brokovich

As Alicia is canvassing a neighborhood for people to join a class action suit against a large pharmaceutical company for causing devastating fertility problems among the community's residents, she learns another lawyer is trying to gather clients for a class action of his own. The Good Wife welcomes back Michael J Fox as Louis Canning. The last time we saw Mr. Canning, he was working on behalf of the same pharmaceutical companies he is now purporting to avenge. With his physical affliction, not easily missed visually, but never allowed to go unknown in his presence. He uses it like a badge of misfortune to get the neighbors to feel he is more amiable to their plight than Lockhart Gardner.

Michael J Fox has not lost the intensity of his ability to act. What's funny is that once he came down with Parkinson's, gone were the goofy, lovable characters he played in the past. Instead, he has focused on being an almost sinister presence in his roles. I can't help but wonder if his options have been limited because people are afraid to allow Fox to be funny. Would it feel right to laugh at a man with Parkinson's; even one that made his career by amusing us, his audience? I sincerely hope that isn't true, because I miss his more humorous moments. Read More...


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