Supernatural Promo: Mannequins & Car Possession

Still reeling from the last few moments of tonight's episode?  Well, it looks like you're right to be concerned.  The wall, she's a-tumblin' down in Sammy's head.  It's happened a lot sooner than we all probably thought it would.  But the question is hold much of the wall is still up. Will Sam go completely insane or will he just start having seizures while remembering Hell and then be able to pull it together again?

We've got the promo for the next new episode of Supernatural - airing on February 18.  From what we can see, it looks like Sam is still up and running, so at least he hasn't gone completely catatonic.  Which leads me to believe that at least part of the wall still holds.  But you know that Dean's going to be scrambling for a way to fix this....assuming there is a way. Read More...


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