Desperate Housewives Review: Paul's Shooter, Revealed!

Ah, finally. Viewers learned who shot Paul Young on "Flashback."

The episode took us back to past conversations between Zach and Mike, as we got a glimpse into Zach’s lost existence and the demons with which he's dealing as a result of his relationship with Paul.

Zach's dark, unsettling behavior was just what the show needed to keep us on our toes.  The question remains, though: what will he do next?

This drug addict is like a loose cannon. He’s already shot his father, and hid the gun in Bree’s couch. Perhaps next he will hold one of the ladies hostage to get his father’s attention. That is, after all, what he’s always wanted, right?

Elsewhere, Susan’s disappointment over losing her donor had me feeling bad for this little lost soul.  To be honest, I'm thinking she should have just gone along with it and taken the kidney from her stalker-like high school friend. Read More...


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