Vampire Knight Vol. #3

The end of the first season of Vampire Knight is one that brings quite a few things to light and helps to clear up certain issues that have come up along the way. The series is one that has been alright overall but what's hampered it for me is the way it moves as slow as it does. This is a series that focuses heavily on mood and atmosphere but wraps it up in teenage romance. With these final five episodes of the season, it's a slow moving piece at first and at several other areas, but it does start to bring some level of progress and resolution to it.

 Like a lot of other shows, what's needed here is a catalyst for change. That comes in the form of a new transfer student to the Night Class, a girl named Maria who has a very cool and careful look about her. A new student into that class isn't exactly normal but with those in power approving it, everything has moved along swiftly. Maria's a curious arrival to the school as she has this knowing look about her but she takes quickly to Yuki and finds herself drawn to her. This isn't too much of a surprise though as many of the vampires seem to be drawn to her and her blood. Yuki doesn't quite get this, but Maria has some very distinct moments where she draws her fingers along her that it's almost disturbing that Yuki seems to miss some of what's really going on here. Read More...


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