America's Next Top Model Review: Makeover Drama!

Hindsight is 20/20.

 It’s the second week in a row that ANTM has mentioned John Galliano.Obviously, it was filmed before the Galliano fallout, but still, I’m surprised producers haven’t cut offending remarks about praise to him.In actual show news, the girls finally meltdown at their impending makeover doom, and inevitable drama ensues!Let’s break it down.

The Makeover:

It’s makeover time... dum dum dum!  The girls get an extra dose of anxiety when Tyra sends them a little preview of the makeovers they will be getting without specifying who will be subjected to which makeover.  The girls freak out over "manly" and "short Dutch boy" and, really, who wants to be a short Dutch (female) boy?

Brittany does! And she looks fabulous, too!Miss J freaks out over poor, sweet Jaclyn by threatening her with a razor, although she takes it in stride.  Psyche!  Alexandria cries about fake hair and lectures the hairdressers. Honestly, after 15 cycles, you would think girls would have learned something.  Don’t question Tyra and her vision! Read More...


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