CASTLE “One Life to Lose” Review

CASTLE "One Life to Lose" Season 3 Episode 18 – A murder on a fictitious show called Temptation Lane is the perfect set up for a bunch of jokes about not only the world of soap operas, but the rabid fans who follow those shows. Also it gave us a really fun guest cast, from Jane Seymour to Corbin Bernsen, and Tina Majorino as the meek assistant writer who turns out to be the vicious killer. I loved them all and they were all fantastic in their roles.

Not much in the way of the will they/won’t they storyline for Castle and Beckett, except for a few moments here and there. But that was okay as I also get a kick out of the plain old fun episodes too, and this one was definitely that. Ryan and Esposito were their usual droll selves. Castle also had some hilariously manly moments with Esposito as they both drooled over the super hot actress. I also like how they are bringing Lanie into the show more, especially the new nickname for her and Esposito "Esplanie". Read More...


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