Bleach Episode #317 - Recap

After several enjoyable standalone stories that let the supporting cast shine, and not the usual big name ones, Bleach is ready to move on to its next arc. While the manga is not yet being adapted for the show again, there have been some decent anime original stories over the years, but also some that just went on too long which can make people a little nervous. Bleach tends to, in my opinion, largely have solid original episodes compared to certain other shows of a similar nature which leaves me more open to seeing what they can do. A lot of this is simply coming from the fact that they opt to not do flashback stories for the most part and to try and work within the confines that they've been given. Generally speaking, the writers here seem fairly capable and understand the characters they're working with. It may not be the same as a manga adapted story, but they generally work pretty well. Read More...


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