Glee Episode Recap: "Born This Way"

In this week's episode of Glee, Will teaches the club about embracing their uniqueness. Plus: The race for prom queen begins, Emma confronts her obsessive issues and Rachel will struggle with a life-altering decision.

Will decides that the glee club has a lot of work to do when it comes to dancing, so he sets up a "booty camp." Unfortunately, Finn still doesn't have his dancing skills in check, so he accidentally punches Rachel in the face. He accompanies her to the doctor, who suggests this is a perfect time for Rachel to get a nose job to fix her deviated septum. It will even make her a better singer.

Rachel announces her plans to get a nose job to the glee club and insists that it's not a vain decision, but Will is worried that there are too many risks. Santana breaks it down for the group: Everyone should stop lying about things they claim they would not change about themselves if given the chance (like Sam getting a lip reduction or Artie chopping off his useless legs.) While Will says these little quirks make each of them unique, Mercedes retorts that bullies use those oddities to crush their spirits.

Will confides in Emma about wanting to help the club with their self-esteem issues and notes that it may also help her come to terms with her germ phobia. "I may not have been born this way, but this is my lot in life," she says. Lightbulb! Will decides to use Lady Gaga's new smash hit single to help with this week's assignment.

Meanwhile, Santana plots her rise to prom queen so she can win Brittany back. She decides she needs Karofsky's help to win, and realizes he is gay after he sneaks a peek at Sam's butt. Even more proof comes when the glee girls meet with Kurt and Blaine, where they express their desire for Kurt to return to McKinley. Blaine says Kurt won't return because of Karofsky, which makes Santana realize that if she can get Kurt to come back, she will be a hero and everyone will vote for her. Read More...


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