Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tonight is the night that five become four. Will Ralph Macchio's injury be the end of him or is someone else headed for a fate worse than him? Come, let's discover!

We open to some talk about Ralph Macchio's fluctuating scores. Over three performance nights he went from last to first to last again. He is a human yo-yo or maybe Dancing with the Stars' answer to Lindsay Lohan. Sexy-vampire photo shoots, here he comes!

At Len's request, Kirstie and Max do their Argentine tango again. Is what makes it Argentine the hat-throwing?

It's time for the first couples recap. Kym compliments the way Hines' butt looks in his pants. To be fair, Hines' butt always looks good. It's a job requirement for football players. Football pants are notoriously unforgiving and everyone knows that 60 percent of viewers are drawn in by the butts alone. After watching highlights of their dances, Kym tells Hines that if they get the mirror-ball trophy, she wants a ring on her finger. So that counts as a proposal, I guess. What a special moment to share. As for Kirstie's package, we see Maksim kick her across the room at one point during rehearsal. He tries to help her up and she smacks his hand away. She's losing weight and gaining self-sufficiency! What an amazing arc for Kirstie. Special moments abound. Read More...



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