Survivor Season Finale Review: The Ultimate No-Brainer

Boston Rob. The Robfather. Colonel Mariano. Rob.

No matter what name you want to call Rob Mariano, he was the story of last night’s finale of Survivor: Redemption Island, fittingly titled "Seems Like a No-Brainer."

In fact, he was the only real story of the entire season. Unless you want to give Phillip some kudos for being crazy and thus at least somewhat unique.

Jeff said it best at last night’s reunion show when he called Rob’s play the most flawlessly played game in the history of Survivor. It’s certainly hard to argue.

What could or should he have done differently? The only thing I can question was getting rid of Natalie instead of Grant, but Rob’s rationale for doing so makes perfect sense.

Rob’s play inspired a member of the jury, David, to do something completely unprecedented. Conveniently being the last person to question the finalists, he instead took the time to lobby the jury to vote for Rob. Read More...


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