Mob Wives: "She's got no spades, so she might as well throw in her hand"

cableIf there's one major thing to take away from the first season of Mob Wives, it's that as much bravado and swagger as these women may try to give off, they're human just like the rest of us and eventually the toll of an unusual lifestyle is bound to start affecting them. In past episodes, we've seen Karen deal with crushing press, Renee find the strength to leave her ex once and for all, and even typically tough Carla struggle with just how to tell her kids where their father had been for the past 6 years.

The season one finale was all about the unraveling of Drita D'avanzo and it was both a tough and captivating watch. Drita's volatile relationship with Lee may have finally reached its breaking point with a shocking revelation of his infidelity during his short stay home (my notes: "SHUT UP. SHUT. UP." and about 500 underlines) and that stress, frustration, and anger bubbled over when it came time to discuss the issue of Karen's apparent fudging of the timeline of her relationship with Lee and how that made Drita look. When the fight between Karen and Drita was finally broken up by production, it was clear: things had changed for the Mob Wives. Read More...


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