COVERT AFFAIRS “Around the Sun” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "Around the Sun" Season 2 Episode 5 - When an American satellite is corrupted by FARC, Annie is sent to investigate NASA employees for a possible data leak. With Auggie moving to a new overt position upstairs, Annie finds herself given a new handler. Riva is good with people, not so good with technology, but she, Annie and Jai work well together and eventually put together damning evidence against the suspected NASA leak.

But Annie isn’t convinced all is as it seems. She decides to look at the case a little closer, against the wishes of Riva, and finds that the leak was just a loving father protecting his son. His son is still in danger from FARC after agreeing to hand over more data, however, so Annie runs to the rescue, the FARC spies are caught, and all is well.

The episode ends with a bar scene featuring Annie, Jai, Riva – and Auggie. He decided that he couldn’t go overt at the eleventh hour and is now back to being Annie’s handler, while Riva is set to return to her old position, albeit with a ‘bump in pay’.


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