BREAKING BAD “The Thirty-Eight Snub” Review

BREAKING BAD "The Thirty-Eight Snub" Season 4 Episode 2 – After last week’s throat slashing, things are really beginning to spiral out of control for the characters in Breaking Bad: both those who were in the room when Gus cut Victor’s throat, and those on the periphery, those who have no idea why their life has fallen to pieces. The audience, of course, knows that there is a rot seeping, and that rot, that cancer, stems from Walter White.

Walter is the reason Hank was shot. Now Hank has to endure routine humiliations every minute of the day: he cannot walk around his own house without a physical therapist urging him on, sweat running down his face; he cannot sleep, and spends his nights studying rocks. He cannot abide his wife, the only witness to every single one of his mortifying moments of life: she has to pull down his pants and push a bucket under him and wipe him clean and empty his excrements daily. Marie can see how much he’s suffering, and her hopeful, encouraging, pitying face is like a mirror, reminding him that he’s confined to a bed, not hunting bad guys or smoking cigars, and he needs someone else to wipe his ass. Read More...


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