'Love in the Wild': A medical emergency and a forced switched


Tonight on "Love in the Wild" comes the forced switcheroo that host Darren McMullen told Zap2it last week would change the game for the rest of the episodes. Mike in particular is not a happy camper at the switch.Post-CeremonyEverybody is basking in their comfy partnerships that they have found. Hahaha, just you wait - dun dun dunnnnn. They can't let the couples get too comfy or else the show will lose all 24 viewers it has because it'll be boring. Also? Brandee is upset Ben hasn't kissed her yet. Ughhhh.In the morning, Darren announces the switch. The way this works is first off, the first-place couple does not get a guaranteed switch. Secondly, now it's guys' turn to choose and Mike is ticked off. They draw for order - Skip picks Jessica, Ben picks Samantha (well, Mike should feel confident he can get her back), Steele picks Heather (who really does not want to be...



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