COVERT AFFAIRS “Welcome to the Occupation” Reviews

COVERT AFFAIRS "Welcome to the Occupation" Season 2 Episode 8 - When the attendees of an executive meeting of an energy giant (including an undercover CIA agent) are taken hostage by an eco-terrorist group, Annie is sent in gather intel before an extraction plan can be arranged. She’s not sent alone, however, but finds herself teamed up with Joan – and Ben.

The plan is for them to go undercover as a crew from a television station specialising in eco/environmental issues, and it seems to be going well – until Annie angers the leader of the terrorists and gets herself, Joan and Ben taken hostage too. Why? Because she knows the terrorists have no intention of letting the hostages go free, so it is up to them to save the day without weapons, backups or even a clear route of escape.

And save the day, they do. While Joan kicks some serious ass in the office, Annie and Ben make their way up to the roof to find the rope needed to abseil to the ground and intercept the leader of the terrorists, who, it turns out, isn’t actually an eco-terrorist but merely a hired thug. Read More...


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