THE GLADES “Shine” Review

THE GLADES "Shine" Season 2 Episode 12 – "Shine," this week’s episode of The Glades, is brought to you by the moonshine distillers of Florida, who remind you to please drink responsibly from your mason jar.

Ah, moonshine. I wish I could say we were strangers, but ever since my best friend passed out after drinking half a cup of it at a party in high school, I have grave respect for the stuff. I know for a fact that in some circles back home, moonshine’s as good as money when it comes to settling a tab. I just never knew people would kill over it.

This week’s victim was found underneath a glass bottom boat, dressed like Ernest Hemingway, proving that there is no dignity in death. Honestly, his murder was pretty straight up: he married a girl so he could sell her family’s moonshine recipe and ended up getting bumped off by his co-conspirator. If not for a couple of shining moments (pun intended), I would have been very disappointed with this episode. Read More...


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