PRIVATE PRACTICE “God Laughs” Review

In the premiere episode "God Laughs" (Season 5 Episode 1), Private Practice begins another season with a half naked Taye Diggs, because Shonda Rhimes knows what the people like. Though he’d much rather stay curled up with Addison he’s paged to the hospital and dashes off. Could it be the cardiac surgeon is rushing off to save Pete, who seemed to have suffered a heart attack in last seasons finale? We can see a distraught Sam tring to revive someone with the paddles, and Charlotte the slightly thawed ice queen make him call time of death. Oh, no, is Pete dead? No. It’s not Pete, and it’s not even an effective fake out, because you don’t let the tension of a possible death build over a summer and release it in the first five minutes. Pete, unfortunately, is still lying on the floor with significant less strength then Iron Man had during his heart attack. They eventually have Cooper find the sweaty unconscious Pete, in basically the same exact spot the gutted Violet was found last season. I think they should move after this, bad energy in the house. Read More....


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