BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Ourselves Alone” Review

BOARDWALK EMPIRE "Ourselves Alone" Season 2 Episode 2 – "You know the funny thing, nobody takes power. Somebody has to give it to them. Look around big brother. Who you got?" So says Eli in a devastating phone call to Nucky, just before the Commodore pushes him into a room of distinguished men. That sentence encapsulates everything about this episode, from Chalky’s cell room ploys with Purnsley to Jimmy’s power plays between Rothstein and Lansky.

The title of the episode comes from Mrs Shroeder’s mistaken translation of "sinn féin". It actually means "we ourselves" but she thinks it means "ourselves alone". It’s the mistake many in Boardwalk Empire make: from Nucky to Jimmy, they make the mistake to think that they can survive solo, when, as this episode shows, power is anything but a solo game. Read More...


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