'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Don't hate the player, hate the game night

First, the good news. The Vanderpumps opened the episode in their kitchen attire, which meant crisp white blouses, Nantucket denim, and Lisa's hair twirled loosely up into a banana clip. Something tells me Lisa is angling for a cook book deal. Subtitle: How to Make Chicken Salad Taste Expensive. I wish nothing but happiness for you Pumpkin but please try to resist putting Giggy on the cover. In a sweet unscripted moment, her darling Max ended his phone call with his girlfriend by saying "Love you too." Lisa's head snapped up, Ken's ears perked, Giggly piddled on the floor with delight. Later on, Pandora's Ralph Lauren model of a boyfriend announced that he had, for real this time, proposed marriage. Lisa was moved to tears—"I couldn't be bloody happier"—and Ken was told to sit down before he got mushy. The smell of roses filled the air and Pandora's ring took the attention off of Lisa's lacy black bra.

In a patented Bravo cruel cut of juxtaposition, we moved to Taylor's spotless kitchen where she was cinching a still-creased apron around her vanishing waist. Her cookies are going to taste of want and low-cal desperation. Dana popped over with her own ridiculous apron and Taylor wondered if she was still cool to host Game Night. No problem! Dana plans high-end events for a living and she has her pick of vendors and she is going to throw a Game Night to put to shame all other Game Nights. This is going to be epic, guys. Read More...



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