Supernatural Review: Guilt Trip

Supernatural rounded up another creature of the week episode, as it continued its "return to the beginning" style.

And this episode was chock full of things that brought back memories of the first couple seasons. Hunting ghosts, dingy hotels, Dean picking up girls, working in a small town, and even concluding the episode with a heart to heart against the Impala while drinking a beer. This was classic Supernatural.

At the same time, "Defending Your Life" wasn't a carbon copy of an older episode. It merely incorporated the past, while finding a way to acknowledge the changes over the years.

Dean certainly recognized the oddness in working a case because it felt so long ago since they had done that type of work. They've been so preoccupied with the apocalypse and fighting against Angels, that the simple task of taking care of some ghost had become a backseat problem. Read More...


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