MERLIN “His Father’s Son” Review

MERLIN "His Father’s Son" Season 4 Episode 5 – Arthur’s adjustment into life as a king is, I think, going to be of significant thematic importance to this season. In this episode we get a lot of the darkness I love about Merlin as Arthur is faced with the severity of carrying out the death penalty while Agravaine whispers poison into his ear and his father’s shadow hangs heavy on his shoulders. The humor is mostly gone and the episode is all about Arthur battling with his inner demons.

First up, it was an episode for Bradley James to show us what he’s got. He adequately portrayed Arthur’s inner turmoil without hamming it up or making Arthur a self pitying melodramatic idiot. What I liked most about this episode is the rationale behind every action: Arthur killed Caerlon not only because Agravaine kept urging him to, promising that his father would have done the same, but for a myriad of reasons: yes, his father probably would have done the same, but Arthur also wants to show that Camelot is not weakened by Uther’s death and that those who trespass on the lands of Camelot will lose their heads. Read More....


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