BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Battle of the Century” Review

BOARDWALK EMPIRE "Battle of the Century" Season 2, Episode 9 – I await each new episode ofBoardwalk Empire with bated breath and always have a ton of questions going into each episode.

Will Dunn Purnsley prove to be friend or foe to Chalky White?

When this season of Boardwalk Empire began, the black community was used as a pawn in the battle between Nucky and Jimmy/The Commodore. Tonight, the warring sides are relying upon the black community again, however this time it is the result of Nucky’s provocation. I’m not a fan of it either way. Through the assistance of Dunn Purnsley, Chalky organizes a strike at the Ritz and creates a problem for the newly minted prince of Atlantic City. I was surprised to see Dunn Purnsley again after he was handily beaten by Chalky’s associates in jail. In fact, I was hoping to never see the man again because I like Chalky, want to see him live a few seasons and was fearful of the ax that Purnsley had to grind. Read More...


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