Hell on Wheels Recap: Super Cowboy

Choo-choo! We’re three episodes into Hell on Wheels and things are finally starting to move. Characters are developing, motives are becoming clear, and, for me at least, expectations are lowering, making "A Birth of Freedoms" easier to enjoy than the last two episodes.

It just takes a willingness to stop rolling your eyes at Doc Durant’s over-the-top bloviating and Cullen Bohannon’s never-ending list of cowboy superpowers and accept them as quirks of a show that as much as we want it to be, just isn’t Deadwood. I’m there.

So this week opens with Bohannon still rummaging through the belongings of the camp’s dead foreman, who also helped kill our hero’s wife. He rummages. He sighs. He almost gives up. And bam! There it is. Class photos from Johnson's military unit. There’s the guy whose brains Bohannon splattered across a church floor! And the poor bastard Bohannon popped mid-poop! More importantly, there's Sergeant Harper, the man directly responsible for stringing up Mrs. Bohannon who just so happens to be in the very camp Bohannon is now running. Time for some revenge. Read More...



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