Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: What's Next for Lucas?

Pretty Little Liars has dropped a few bombs about Lucas along the way.  At first, he seemed nothing more than a mild-mannered student with a crush on Hanna.  This lead him to help her with her relationship with Caleb, even though he wanted Hanna for himself.

But the Halloween prequel episode of Pretty Little Liars revealed a slightly darker side to Lucas.  We know that Allie tormented him when she was alive and it looks like he may have been a prime candidate to be 'A'.

Something odd is about to happen to Lucas in the upcoming January 16 episode.  We know that in the January 9 episode of Pretty Little Liars that Caleb's hacking skills will be put to use by the girls when trying to track down 'A'.  We also know that Hanna will be planning a party for Caleb at Spencer's family's lake house.  But something at the party goes awry, and it looks like Lucas goes missing.  In the January 16 episode, Lucas is still missing and there are a lot of questions swirling around about exactly what happened at the lake party.  Hanna's suffering under the stress of the situation, but she can't tell Caleb the truth about "what happened in the boat", even when he is determined to find Lucas.  After all, he'll want to know the whole truth and she doesn't want to tell him about 'A' and everything the girls have done.  Spencer will also be following a blind lead about 'A' which "guides her to an unexpected place and revelation". Read More...


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