'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Sudden Impact

"Victims of a sudden impact are some of the hardest to treat." Ever-faithful Grey’s Anatomyvoice-over queen Meredith Grey told us that stark truth at the top of last night’s episode, "Suddenly," the first new installment since way back in November. When I heard Ms. Grey utter the insanely obvious statement, I sort of wanted to punch her and scream back at her: No duh!Right? But with the way everything eventually went down, I realized that she was just trying to prepare we viewers for the tragedy of those sudden, deep impacts that were about to unfold over the next hour. And goodness knows, it was tragic.

But before we get into all the drama of last night, though, let’s quickly recap where we left the doctors of Seattle Grace -- mostly because it’s been so long since a fresh episode of Grey’shas graced our television screen. You can readmy last recap to jog your memory, but in short, "Dark Was the Night" -- which aired Nov. 10 -- left two big, devastating cliffhangers: First, Henry had died on the OR table, with Cristina at the blade, yet no one could tell his wife Dr. Altman because she was busy working on another patient, who would probably die if the doctor was jolted by the truth. (Heck, Cristina didn’t even know she was operating on Henry until after he had passed.) And second, a car filled with a family had hit the ambulance that Meredith and Karev were traveling in to another hospital to treat an ailing infant. They were splayed across the highway when we last saw them. Read More...



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