The Office “Trivia” Review

I was feeling pretty bad for Kevin at the start of tonight’s episode of The Office. Sure he’s not the brightest one on the staff, but after Andy had rejected Kevin’s offer to assist in making an $830 "error," and later watching Andy, Jim, Darryl, and Ryan shun Kevin from their trivia team, I was ready to see Kevin dole out his karmic payback. Eventually it happened – and it was good.

"Trivia," had most of the Scranton office engaging in a battle of wits to win a $1,000 grand prize at "Triviapocalypse." Clearly I’ve been going to the wrong bar for pub trivia if there are bars that offer $1,000 grand prizes, but maybe that’s precisely why Oscar was willing to make the two hour drive from Scranton.

I don’t really understand why the rest of the staff was motivated to drive two hours to play bar trivia and hand over their winnings to Andy so he could buy paper to meet Robert California’s quota. It was also odd that Jim didn’t have a problem being two hours away from his soon-to-give-birth wife and their young daughter so he could play trivia in the late afternoon and into the evening. Personally, it took some suspension of disbelief to put those logistics aside and just let the game begin. Read More... 


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