'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 5 New Rosewood Revelations


"A" is at it again, this time spending most of his/her time terrorizing Hanna.

Pretty Little Liars did a tricky thing this week, whetting viewers' appetites by teasing potential culprits -- not the least of which included Lucas and Maya. But in the end, their unusual behavior was just a cover-up for minor revelations, and "A" still remains at large.

Here are five developments that unfolded during the episode, "Let the Water Hold Me Down":

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

1. What Is Lucas' Secret?: After Lucas disappeared after bringing Hanna out to the middle of the lake during Caleb's birthday shindig, he's nowhere to be found and Hanna isn't comfortable revealing to her mother or Caleb what really happened. So much so that Caleb leaves in a huff -- and in the middle of a storm -- that causes Hanna to worry. And the blonde high schooler comes closest to "A" twice: The culprit enters the girls' bathroom and overflows the sink and places a boat on the water (creepy) and breaks into Hanna's home in the middle of the storm (creepier), leaving footprints. In one of the episode's fake-outs, Lucas sneaks into Hanna's house and finally spills why he's been out of pocket: Because he lost Caleb's money betting on a basketball tournament.  Read More...



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