Recap: 'Top Chef: Texas' - 'Finale'

We're down to the final two -- Paul and Sarah. I'm sure they're both obscenely talented, but I'm rooting for Paul, simply because he isn't a bitchy mean girl. Not the best formula, but hey, until they create taste-o-vision, it's not like you have a lot to go on with "Top Chef." 

Even though we only have two chefs left, we jump right to the challenge, which makes me think there are twists ahead. Padma announces that Paul and Sarah will both need to make a four course tasting menu in the restaurant of their dreams (either Black + Blue or Coast in Vancouver).

But wait! There's actually going to be a Quickfire Challenge! A group of chefs -- not all of them recently eliminated -- will be competing to be one of the sous chefs in the final challenge. Three of them are bozos who got kicked to the curb before the first challenge. Tyler Stone! Aaack, he's back? If you've already forgotten him he's the egomaniacal jerk who thought he was a master butcher and was kicked out by Tom. Anyway, Tyler, Ashley and Colin are from the Alamo elimination. But the other twist? Really great pros -- Barbara Lynch of No. 9 Park in Boston and Marco Canora of Hearth Restaurant in Manhattan -- are also in the running. Although honestly, getting a master in your corner can be either good or bad. Yes, they'll have great ideas, but it may be hard to stick to your own ideas if you're not feeling supremely confident. Read More...


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