The Secret Circle 1.17 "Curse" Review

Whenever one experiences grief following a tragic incident, there's always an urge to want to change things and try to find some way to make it "better". It's human nature, of course, but once a major disruption occurs in our lives, we start brainstorming ways to get things as close to the prior status quo as possible. Bargaining, the third stage of grief in the Kubler-Ross model, can take the form of incentives ("if I do X, then please let Y happen") or simple desire to change places with the person most affected; however, it never pans out. In real life, there's no "takesy backsies", if you will, making bargaining an important hurdle to get over in the slow march toward acceptance. Luckily, The Secret Circle says to hell with grief, thanks to a little thing called magic. Read More...


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