Mob Wives Season 2: Sparkles the Dog

To become a fan of Mob Wives, you have to accept the push-and-pull of pretty much every episode. Although each of the women in the cast has experienced personal and/or professional triumphs this season, they've also dealt with crushing blows to their stability. That type of hard swing in momentum, from pure joy to even purer pain, can make for a hard watch, both emotionally and tonally. However, when it works well, when the life becomes another character on the show, when the bad news is as devastating as it has been lately, it produces some rather compelling episodes.

On tonight's Mob Wives, the swing happened in the final few minutes. While we were still basking in the glow of Karen's persecution complex book party and the first step on the road to bestseller, Renee received word (off-camera) of Junior's continued cooperation. Brought down in the latest sting were several men that Renee and Big Ang were well-acquainted with, including Renee's best friend's husband. The bust was made especially heartbreaking due to the fact that Renee had been kind of killing it all episode. You'll remember that she promised in front of God, Ramona, and America to put herself first a little more often and by the looks of her tonight, she had been. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, it's the best Renee had looked and acted in weeks, the new attitude resulting in a mea culpa with Carla and a renewed sense of self. Renee may have been bruised from her recent string of hard luck, but she hadn't been broken...until now. Granted, she seemed to be okay at the end of the episode, going to face her father in court, but it was hard to tell how much of that was for the cameras and how much of that was emotional numbness taking over. Renee mentioned last week how cried out she was, but could that survive another huge betrayal from Junior? Read More...


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