Parks and Recreation “The Debate” Review – It’s Knope Vs. Newport!

Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation was a special one! "The Debate" was written and directed by Amy Poehler, and like I said in a previous review, was an episode I was really looking forward to. And Poehler did not disappoint! I dare say that "The Debate" was the funniest episode of the season four ofParks and Rec.

At the start of the debate, we know that Leslie and Bobby are the only real contenders, despite Fester Trim (Friday Night Lights alum Brad Leland), Brandi Maxxxx, and Manrico Della Rossa, but that doesn’t mean these other three runners aren’t given some funny moments. Poehler does an excellent job of bringing in even the smallest players and giving them some great screen time – Maxxxx copying Leslie’s ideas and not to mention her clothes, was fantastic.

We’ll come back to the debate in a moment, but let’s talk about the supporting players in this episode. Ron Swanson, as always, is wonderful. When the cable goes out and it seems like Leslie’s debate won’t be televised, what does he do? Scales a telephone pole, cable in hand, and wires up the house. And sings "Wichita Lineman" while he’s climbing. Honestly, this guy is brilliant. Read More... 


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