Awake Review: Perilous Positions

All realities collide in "Two Birds" and things aren’t looking so good for Britten.

While I thought the conspiracy might be contained in the red reality, it’s looking more and more likely that may not be the case, and it shouldn’t be. The repercussions of the accident ripple out in both realities, and they both have lasting consequences on Britten because of it. Therefore, it then becomes a question of who can Britten trust, because he can’t involve his family, and both Dr. Lee and Dr. Evans refused to believe his predicament.

It’s hard not to blame them. Britten looks like someone who’s finally experienced a mental break. Jason Isaacs portrayed it physically as well. Many times a character that suffers a mental break still looks completely put together. Michael, on the other hand, isn’t clean-shaven and doesn’t look like he’s slept in days. Which would make sense because if he's sleeping he's potentially not in green, and that means he can't focus all of his energy on that conspiracy board in the garage. Read More...


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