'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Premiere Recap: 'It Happened That Night'

Summer may just be starting for us, but in Rosewood, the fairer months are over and things are getting back to normal...meaning murder and mayhem are never far off. And despite Mona (codename: A) being locked up in a psychiatric ward, the "Pretty Little Liars" continue to be harassed by a mysterious foe.

Last night's episode picked up five months after Maya's death. The girls spent their summers following various pursuits: Aria enrolled in a photography class, Spencer (no surprise) attended college courses, Hanna worked on her bucket list (cooking classes with Caleb, expanding her vocab) and Emily volunteer in Haiti—all the while drinking up a storm to numb her pain over Maya's death. The girls reunited at Spencer's house, where Em continued downing booze when they all got a text from a supposed A: "Show me your boobs." Very mature. The girls assumed it was a prank. Read More...



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