Hunter X Hunter Episode #20 Anime Review

With the final phase of the Exam, Hunter x Hunter does something a bit unusual in having most of it happen of screen. In the previous episode we got treated to the first fight of the match between Gon and Hanzo and things worked in a way where Gon ended up winning since Hanzo defaulted. With Gon unconscious, the plan amongst the rest of the participants and the staff was to just let him lie in wait until everything was over so he didn’t do anything that caused him to sacrifice himself for someone else to win the match. It’s a good idea considering his nature and the way the reverse tournament was setup so that the last one to lose would be the true loser and unable to pass. By going this route, it forces Gon to accept his win as a Hunter now, a position he cannot give up and deny after being awarded it. Read More... 


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