Naruto: Shippuden Episode #213 Review

As events continue to build up with all that’s going on, and after a really good segment involving Sasuke and Danzo that did involve some minor flashback material, Naruto has decided to sink into full on flashback material once again as it centers on the endless rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke. Having watched something like four hundred and fifty episodes of Naruto now between the two series, we get it. They have issues. There’s a bond there. A strong connection that has Naruto continually doing whatever he can to save Sasuke while Sasuke does his best to keep pushing him away so he can go on and achieve his goals. Whether he does it out of concern for them, by not wanting to drag them in or just seeing them as a drag on him, it doesn’t matter, he just doesn’t want them there. Yet Naruto keeps trying and trying, to the point where he’s exhausted and now having fragmented dreams of the past. Read More... 


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