Young Justice – Bereft Review

Young Justice mixes things up in an interesting way with this episode as it takes the cast, throws them into Bialya and provides them with a healthy dose of memory loss that has them not knowing the others outside of reputation. They still have their memories from prior to that, which has them at least remembering who they are and their place in the world, but their reasoning for being here is part of the mystery. There are some curious mysteries in addition to that as well, such as Kid Flash wearing a black uniform and Superboy going primal since he didn’t really exist all that much prior to six months ago. The only one who has a clue as to what may be going on is Miss Martian since her Martian psychology has given her an edge and she can start dredging up some of her memories. Of course, she seems to latch onto Conner the most with her memories because of the relationship she is trying to forge with him. Read More... 


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