Review - Breaking Bad 5.05 "Dead Freight"

This weeks Breaking Bad, "Dead Freight", has one of the most confounding cold opens of the series.  A young kid buzzes through the desert on his dirt bike, stops, catches a tarantula in a jar, and continues on.  Yes, we could drill down on the symbolism and try to figure out what the message is, but by the end of the episode it's loud and clear not only what the opening scene means, but just how far Vince Gilligan and crew intend to push our characters this season.  Here's a clue:  to the breaking point.

"Dead Freight" will be a delight for Breaking Bad fans who love a good heist story.  After the crux of last week's episode, trackers on methylene barrels at the Madrigal warehouse, Walt, Jesse, and Mike find themselves with a problem.  No Methylene, no meth. The only available option would be to go back to a supply of cold pills, which would kill their production and profits.  The ego of Heisenberg comes through and before we know it a plan is in place that exceeds anything Gus Fring would have ever dared to do. Read More...


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