Recap - True Blood Season 5 Finale Ties Up and Moves On ... NOT!

If you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see how True Blood would wrap up the whole Authority arc, bad news.  It didn't.  At least not entirely.  Let's talk about what did and did not get a wrap up on True Blood.

Russell Edgington

I was really excited to get another season of Denis O'Hare, and was convinced that he held a bigger role in the doings at the Authority.  For a while it seemed like a deeply layered mystery;  just what role did Russell really have in what was going on at the Authority?  I reveled in the triad of religious zealotry represented by the Authority, the Atheism represented by Russell, and the Agnosticism represented by Bill and Eric, and couldn't wait to see how this wildly differing angles on Religion would play out in this story of an emerging Theocracy that I was positive was a thinly veiled metaphor for the radical right.  Alas, Russell ended his run as just another loose cannon, ultimately being staked by Eric while high on Fae blood. Not one of True Blood's best character pay offs.  I suppose we could try to bolt some artificial meaning to it all, but nothing quite befits the defeat of the most powerful Vampire to ever walk the show on such a self-indulgent playing field. Read More...


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