Knight In The Area Episode #23 Anime Review

We are in the second half of the match against Yoin and it is not looking very good for Enoshima. Of course, just about everyone and their grandmother (okay, maybe not your grandmother) could have predicted that things would go this way. It’s practically a law of sports dramas, live action or animated, that "our team" has to be pushed to the brink of elimination before rallying back to win and move on in the tournament. Of course, you are only telegraphing this stock route of action by naming the episode "Desperate Situation."

As the first half winds down, Coach Iwaki decides to attempt to mix things up by putting in comic relief Kota. Will that make a difference? Who knows. Iwaki has a strategy in mind, however, as Kota is very fast, so he can at least match speed with Yoin’s dangerous sideline hugger Onimaru. It doesn’t put an end to Enoshima’s problems, however, since Yoin has multiple weapons. Of course, Yoin scores right before the half. Read More... 


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