The New Normal “Sofa’s Choice” Review

On this second episode of The New Normaleverything flowed a lot better. It was a lot less preachy and more story-oriented. You probably just want to know what happened during the episode, so let’s just jump right into the recap.

The first pregnancy test came back negative, so David, conveniently being a gynecologist, took Goldie to his office to give her a different test in order to definitively know Goldie’s pregnancy status. What’s the result? Well, you’ll just have to read this recap to find out.

Bryan and David begin to get cold feet about becoming parents. Bryan realizes he doesn’t know if he has the patience it takes to discipline children when he finds his favorite leather sofa has been vandalized (he thinks Shania is the culprit, but later, we find out that’s not true). David’s straight friends–all of whom have children–are disappointed to learn David is thinking about having a child; they used to vicariously live through him and his childlessness. Bryan and David think they need to recapture their youth by going to the same bar they met in years ago, but as it turns out, it just throws their ages in their faces. Read More... 


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