Boardwalk Empire Review: With All Due Respect

At the close of last season, Nucky put a bullet in Jimmy to show he wasn't some half way gangster without any blood on his hands. 

On "Bone for Tuna" Nucky had himself an "out damn spot" moment as his dreams were haunted by the memory of the boy who once loved him like a father. The usually unflappable Nucky wore his inner anguish on his face throughout the episode as his inability to put Jimmy's death behind him may prove to be his undoing. 

With pillow talk a thing of the past as far as Margaret is concerned, Nucky tried to raise Billy on the phone on several occasions. His uneasiness grew with each unanswered ring, as he struggled to reach out and touch someone... anyone. Nucky confessed to wanting to be removed from his business, that it would just run itself. All the man really wants is to not be alone. Billy most certainly has other men occupying her time and Margaret is becoming more and more cunning the less she is able to care about Nucky. Read More...


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