New Girl Season 2 Review “Models” – A Friend’s a Friend Forever

It was CeCe’s birthday in this week’s episode of New Girl, "Models," but instead of spending the night in with Jess watching Clueless (awesome) and making evening gowns out of towels (okay…), CeCe decided she wanted to go to a club with some of her Russian model friends, prompting a massive boob fight with Jess.

I understood both sides of the fight. Jess wanted a traditional celebration, plus she hated CeCe’s friends who thought Jess looked like a cartoon monkey in a Russian cracker commercial (there was a mild resemblence), but CeCe wanted to do something different, to go out and have fun. The real fight started, though, when Jess made it clear that she thought CeCe’s job was beneath her. That’s when the boob slapping began, much to the enjoyment of many viewers, I’m sure. Read More...


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