They've finally done it. The Office has proven that it doesn't need anyone in the role of the boss to work. Even if it does challenge the show's very premise, I have to say, I didn't miss Andy at all in "The Target." I mean, I like Ed Helms as an actor and I've enjoyed the character of Andy in the past (though not so much this season), but as I've been saying all along, this episode made it clear that the rest of the cast is more than capable of holding their own without revolving around a central manager.

The triangle between Angela, Mr. Angela and Oscar has been heating up since the beginning of the season, and finally took center stage with this week's inevitable confrontation. It didn't go exactly as I expected – murder is pretty dark, even for Angela and the idea of her hiring someone to Nancy Kerrigan Oscar is pretty silly. Angela has been portrayed as a hypocrite in the past, and I understand that she was hurt by Oscar's betrayal (more than her husband's, notably), but for someone who's broken her marriage vows herself, as Dwight pointed out, not to mention regularly cheating on her ex-fiance, Angela was pretty callous. When Dwight is the most reasonable person involved, you know the situation has gotten out of hand. "A woman with damaged knees can't scrub worth a damn." His concern is touching, really. Read More...


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