'Dexter' Recap: Mistakes are Made, Plotlines are Closed

"I've never made a mistake," Hannah tells Dexter late in tonight's episode when he accuses her -- rightly, apparently -- of poisoning Deb and causing her car accident. (She's inferring that if she wanted Deb dead, she'd be dead.)
But Hannah, as well as many others who normally aren't prone to mistakes, make a ton in this episode. The only one who seemingly is in complete control of the situation and is one step ahead is the one you would never expect: La Guerta.
Dexter, who is normally so in control and so in command, makes mistakes because he's blinded by his love for Hannah -- love so powerful that he actually imagines a future with grayish hair and him still killing -- and his hate for Hector Estrada, the leader of the gang that killed his mother, and the only one left alive of that crew.



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