The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Boom De Yah Da”

Well, The Good Wife has come out of the gate swinging. This was a decent episode to come back on after the midseason break. I wouldn’t say it was fantastic, but it wasn’t to bad.

A few thoughts about "Boom De Yah Da":

The case of the week was a 15 year-old girl who was suing a bank that had foreclosed on several homes in her neighborhood. The banks failed to properly maintain or drain the pools at the foreclosed homes, and after the water became stagnant, mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus bit the girl causing permanent, irreparable physical damage. Will and Co. had to depose the defendants in two locations, and they were having a really hard time. Will and Carey were handling the Chicago side and Alicia was in Montana deposing (or rather attempting to depose) Wilkes, the bank president. The folks in Chicago pulled out all the stops. Going so far as to argue that the plaintiff was at fault because she trespassed on the foreclosed properties. Will and Carey rebutted by arguing that the bank knew the pools were an attractive nuisance and failed to act accordingly. Meanwhile, Alicia kept waiting for Wilkes to show up for his court ordered deposition. He either cancelled or just didn’t show up at all on several occasions. After numerous delay tactics and less than honest dealings on the part of the defendants, Kalinda finally found some information that Will and Alicia could use to their advantage. Wilkes was being treated for cancer. He failed to report that information to the SEC because his bank was in the process of a merger and he didn’t want his illness to affect the deal. Ultimately, Alicia agreed to keep Wilkes’ illness out of the official court record if he agreed to settle with their client. They settled for 12 million dollars and the firm made 3 million on the deal. Read More....


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